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Alan Gresik has dedicated his life to preserving the live music from the swing era, and bringing it to life. These DEEP ROOTS are applied to Alan Gresik's solo piano selections as he takes well-known melodies of every genre and gives them a fresh, new approach. Can you imagine hearing your favorite classic rock song played as an Austrian waltz; or your favorite Bach Invention swung as if Frank Sinatra sang it? With his large ensemble “Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra” the results are fantastic!!

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1936. A year that will go down in infamy. It created a combination of important grooves which are the DEEPEST ROOTS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Understanding the era is important, and so are the nuances of the music, which Gresik is adept at.

“Notation interpretation is the key. Many big bands don’t use this dialect. 1936 style notation interpretation dialect makes all the difference in the world. Music notes are like written words. They need to be spoken in the proper language. Otherwise, they won’t make any sense,” shares Alan, who has spent decades researching and performing Swing Era music, as a solo pianist and bandleader.

Bring the DEEP ROOTS of American popular music to your events: private parties, corporate events, and more, delivered with respect for the artform and creativity to constantly evolve.

Allow Alan Gresik Music to “Make Sense” at your next celebration, party, or special event.

Contact (708) 860-1933 or email Gresik1936@gmail.com for booking.

Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra, live at the Green Mill, Chicago

Updated contact information: Call (708) 860-1933, or email Gresik1936@gmail.com

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“If you love swing era music, Alan Gresik is the real thing. I’ve seen the sparkle return to the eyes of those who connect with this music and with Alan. It’s a beautiful thing!  Alan lives and breathes music of the swing era with precision and authenticity. And it shows.”

– Laura Witt, Entertainment Director, Oak Trace Senior Community

A Note from Alan

Pictured above – Alan Gresik with Former Prime Minister is England John Major at the Green Mill Lounge, Chicago. 

Hello! My name is Alan Gresik.

I am so glad to see you checking out my website.

As a professional pianist/live music broker my most complex and on going project has been Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra . It’s one thing to form a top flight 1937 swingband, it’s another thing to create a live radio broadcast including cleverly tailored commercials within one package. Quite an illusion!

When: Every Thursday since 1998 can such an outfit be witnessed. 

Where: Green Mill Lounge 4802 N. Broadway at Lawrence in Uptown Chicago. 

The Jazz Capital of the Universe.

8pm to 12midnight $10 cover.  Our focus is to see how close our 15 piece ensemble can get to 1936 -37 United States of America Hot Dance Music uncovering concepts that have been buried and forgotten for decades. 

So far so good. It has only taken me 40 years to get to this point. Lots of moving parts.

Solo Piano is my other forte. Although I don’t consider myself a jazz pianist, all my melodies are fresh and creative mixing multiple genre’s and time signatures together.

Sound Sculpting is my specialty. Every room has it’s own unique acoustic characteristic’s. Hire Alan Gresik!

Latest Developments

Currently seeking voice students for my innovative coaching course:

1930s Swing Era Vocal Concepts

Several well-known Broadway performers have given high praise for these concepts.



Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra – AGSO

Alan Gresik Solo Piano – AG

Venue Information

Green Mill: The Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra 

Every Thursday, 8pm to 12, $10, 4802 N. Broadway and Lawrence.

Fridays in April 2022, Jamenson’s Char House, 7 – 10pm AG Solo Piano

May 3 Admiral Senior Living at the Lake – Solo Piano fun Private

May 6 Friday Private Event – Racquet Club of Chicago

May 13 Friday Great Penguin Party – Shedd Aquarium AGSO 5:30pm to 11pm Tickets $100

May 22 May Fest Sunday 8pm to 10pm Lincoln Park AGSO

June 4 Saturday Private Wedding AGSO

August 12 Chicago Summer Dance AGSO


Noticing that traditional music training doesn’t address this unique 1930s style, he passes the torch of swing era music to vocalists with his Swing Era Vocal workshops, to keep the spirit and technique alive for listeners for years to come.

First musician to regularly perform at the Chicago-based Potbelly’s Sandwich Store. At the original location on Lincoln, back in 1995. According to Peter Hastings, original owner, because of me I was responsible for over 10,000 musicians being hired for the franchise.

Chicago Jazz Magazine and WGN Radio are just some of the media outlets that have interviewed Alan, sharing his story and music with a wider audience.

Alan Gresik with Keyboard player Kevin Hearn
of Bare Naked Ladies


Watch as Alan Gresik Music adds to the party mood in a variety of settings. Scroll down to see videos of the Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra, Solo Piano and more.

Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra

Vince Clark Hey Ba Ba Re Bop 1946

St. Louis Blues – Carnegie Hall arrangement

“Don’t Worry About Me” – Amanda Wolff vocalist

Funny Intro w/ Vince and Lou

Solo Piano


More: Live at the Green Mill


Keep guests enthralled with Alan Gresik’s piano work, ranging from traditional and international, to Swing Era and more. Complete the party atmosphere in any room with instrumental piano. Mixing retro styles and new hits, it’s soothing and exciting at the same time.

For more samples, or if you have any questions, please contact Alan Gresik Music here.

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Although we not a traditional Wedding Band many times we are hired just because we are so different.

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Alan Gresik Solo Piano

Ballroom Beatles

Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra

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(708) 860-1933



(708) 860-1933


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  • Decades of performance experience


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Check out this video on the history of swing music:

This is a great documentary on this subject. Swing Orchestra’s of this type are NOT BigBands. Current BigBands do not use the same vital notation interpretation concepts that bands of this era used. Really any swingband before WW2.