What makes the Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra stand out as one of the finest swing orchestras in all the land? 

It’s the repertoire he has meticulously crafted through years of research and exploration. Alan is kind of like the Indiana Jones of Swing. He scours the collections of libraries and estates across the globe in search of arrangements that are unique and authentic, delving deep into previously inaccessible archives. Alan rediscovers “lost” arrangements and brings them back to life. Often this requires hours of painstakingly rescoring the arrangements so that they can be played by his trademark 15-piece orchestra. It is not uncommon for Alan to resurrect an arrangement that has not been heard for over 90 years!

Whether it’s an obscure stock arrangement from The Balaban and Katz collection or a precise replication of an all-time favorite, Alan Gresik has become an expert understanding the deep knowledge of swing music. Listen and find out for yourself!

Alan Gresik with Former Prime Minister is England John Major at the Green Mill Lounge, Chicago. 
Alan Gresik with Keyboard player Kevin Hearn
of Bare Naked Ladies

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Bring the DEEP ROOTS of American popular music to your events: private parties, corporate events, and more. The music is delivered with respect for the art form of Swing music, with creativity to constantly evolve.

Allow Alan Gresik Music to “Make Sense” at your next celebration, party, or special event.

Contact (708) 860-1933 or email [email protected] for booking.

Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra, live at the Green Mill, Chicago

Updated contact information: Call (708) 860-1933, or email [email protected]

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“If you love swing era music, Alan Gresik is the real thing. I’ve seen the sparkle return to the eyes of those who connect with this music and with Alan. It’s a beautiful thing!  Alan lives and breathes music of the swing era with precision and authenticity. And it shows.”

– Laura Witt, Entertainment Director, Oak Trace Senior Community



Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra – AGSO

Alan Gresik Solo Piano – AG

Venue Information

Green Mill: The Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra 

Every Thursday, 8:00 pm to 12 Midnight, $10, 4802 N. Broadway and Lawrence.


Solo Piano by Alan Gresik recognizes that each performance space has its own set of acoustics. Therefore, the implementation of silence and room energy dictate what styles are used per melody. Classic rock songs by Elton John or the Beatles work well using waltz grooves. Alan Gresik is able to take any popular
melody into another realm of interpretation that is easy to comprehend and easy to follow. Exciting Melodic Adventure combined with Alan’s personality.

Alan says, “I have been playing in the Chicagoland area for four decades. I was the first musician to regularly perform at the original location of Chicago-based Potbelly’s Sandwich Store in Lincoln Park circa 1995. According to Peter Hastings, Potbelly’s original owner, I was responsible for over 10,000 musicians being hired for the franchise. 

Chicago Jazz Magazine and WGN Radio are just some of the media outlets that have interviewed me. I never tire of sharing my story, and the story of the greatest music era in history, with a wider audience.” 


Keep guests enthralled with Alan Gresik’s piano work, ranging from traditional and international, to Swing Era and more. Complete the party atmosphere in any room with instrumental piano. Mixing retro styles and new hits, it’s soothing and exciting at the same time.

For more samples, or if you have any questions, please contact Alan Gresik: call (708) 860-1933, or email [email protected].

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  • Decades of performance experience

Special Events

Allow Alan Gresik to tailor an ensemble to reach your needs and budget.


Although we not a traditional Wedding Band many times we are hired just because we are so different.

  • Alan Gresik Solo Piano
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  • Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra

Price list available on request. Feel free to call me to set up an appointment in person or on Zoom:

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Past and Current Clients/Venues:

Green Mill Lounge – Thursdays since 1998

MGM Motion Pictures – Return to Me 2000

Shedd Aquarium – Penquin Party


Racquet Club of Chicago

Saddle and Cycle Club

Chicago Summer Dance

Private Weddings

Benny Goodman Papers – Yale

Artie Shaw Collection – University of Arizona

Charlie Barnet Papers – Library of Congress


Have a question? Just ask!

(708) 860-1933

[email protected]

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Alan Gresik Music

Chicago, IL

A Note from Alan

Hello! My name is Alan Gresik.

I am so glad to see you checking out my website.

As a professional pianist/live music broker my most complex and ongoing project has been Alan Gresik Swing Orchestra. It’s one thing to form a top flight 1937 swingband, it’s another thing to create a live radio broadcast including cleverly tailored commercials within one package. Quite an illusion!

When: Every Thursday since 1998 can such an outfit be witnessed. 

Where: Green Mill Lounge 4802 N. Broadway at Lawrence in Uptown Chicago. 

The Jazz Capital of the Universe.

8pm to 12 midnight, $10 cover. Our focus is to see how close our 15-piece ensemble can get to 1936-37 United States of America Hot Dance Music uncovering concepts that have been buried and forgotten for decades. 

So far so good. It has only taken me 40 years to get to this point. Lots of moving parts.

Solo Piano is my other forte. Although I don’t consider myself a jazz pianist, all my melodies are fresh and creative mixing multiple genres and time signatures together.

Sound Sculpting is my specialty. Every room has its own unique acoustic characteristics. Your event is too important to leave the acoustics to someone who isn’t an expert. Hire Alan Gresik!